Bonded Warehouse

Bonded Warehouse

“The bonded warehouse is an economic system of a suspension type as it allows, in fact, the suspension of the payment of the duty on goods from non-EU countries, the relative duties will be levied only at the time of release (clearance) in the territory of the EU. The goods are introduced into the customs deposit, stored in the foreign state (suspended duty and VAT) and then nationalized”.

The advantage for the customer is to delay over time the customs charges (duty and VAT) at the time when the goods are actually used or entered into consumption.

The implementation of IN-OUT practices is rapid thanks to the domiciliation and the daily collaboration between Formentin Logistics and Transport and the CAD Pancontainers which, for customers, means: less physical and documentary controls and preferential lanes customs administration.

Inside the customs warehouse, goods are subjected to various “manipulations”: packaging, labelling, splitting the various batches for subsequent shipments, preserving the status of “foreign goods”. Consider that the goods can be extracted based on the financial needs of the customer regardless of the time and conditions of introduction in the deposit.

In the case of sales in non-EU countries, the goods are shipped without any clearance or no duty and VAT payment.