Inbound & Outbound

Imports and Import Assistance

On demand we can manage imports from origin always offering always the maximum visibility.

We can support the management of purchases: with the order numbers and their time schedule we will follow the booking phase of suppliers in both the EU and Far East, by intervening directly with suppliers in case of delay in bookings, tracing the the transport phase following the import or customs transit phases, customs practices, the storage of goods or the possible introduction to customs stock.

Within the customs warehouse we can also carry out packaging activities or reworks of products for subsequent shipment to non-EU countries.


Inbound & Outbound

  • Receiving goods with daily feedback of stock bookings.
  • Physical-accounting control of incoming items.
  • Collection of documents and supplier declarations for obtaining Certificates of Origin for subsequent export operations.
  • Archive vendor documents in customer-requested mode.
  • Quality control where required and on a specifications of the customer.
  • Immediate product ventilation or shelf storage.
  • Accessory processing if and where you request: labeling, product reconditioning, repackaging, etc…
  • Picking and packaging
  • Shipping