CAD Domiciliation and A.E.O.F Certification

Our company is an A.E.O.F. (Authorized Economic Operator where F- Full- also recognizes the Operator’s security system).

This certification is issued by the Customs Agency and demonstrate that they have the procedural and controlled business processes designed to demonstrate the reliability of the Operator in the entire supply chain of the goods.

To strengthen our reliability the “domiciliation” at our warehouses of the Customs Assistance Center “CAD Pancontainers”, subject to A.E.O. Custom, this speeds up the clearance operations or introduction to customs warehouse of the zeroing out the parking costs of containers at the port.

With CAD Pancontainers, we have also implemented the services of:

  • Customs deposit
  • VAT deposit
  • Import and export customs assistance.

The A.E.O. recognition certifies a status of reliability and safety with unlimited and community validity, guaranteeing its commercial partners that intervene in the international supply chain.